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Works PerfectlyI recently was exposed to the idea of using a frother/heater for my morning latte’s by a friend and like the idea because steaming from the side of my cappuccino machine yields an inconsistent and not hot result. My friend’s brand costs almost $200 and I decided this was a more reasonable price point. Before it arrived I received a very nice email from an individual who gave me her email address and told me how proud they are of this product and I should contact her directly if I have any problems. I liked that. A real person. When it came I was pleased to find it just as well made and as heavy as the more expensive brand. Now I’ve been using it for a few weeks every morning with a double shot of espresso- mmmmmmmmm. I’ll share my secret; I put just enough maple syrup to cover the bottom, then add milk to the frothing line and press the hot froth button - it favors my latte to perfection. That’s called “The Vermonter”. This machine works flawlessly, frothing and heating my milk to perfection each morning. Clean-up takes 30 seconds - wash it out once, then put a little water on the bottom and use the little brush they provide to remove a little remaining residue from the milk (and syrup) - wash it out a second time and place it on the dry rack upside-down. The top just washes off and rarely gets more than a little fogged up - no milk touches it if you follow the froth line on the side. So yes, I recommend this - Latte on people!

Works PerfectlyThis little machine has been going strong for over a year now– which is 13 months better than another brand I bought, which died after 30 days. This is powerful, too–I have frothed full on half and half with it, and it chugs away. I use it AT LEAST 2x a day. If it were absolutely perfect, it would make the froth super hot– which is how I like my coffees. But it wasn’t mean to do that, and as it is, it is hot enough. An excellent purchase, highly recommended. To clean, rinse and then paper-towel out, then rinse again. Easy peasy.

Works PerfectlyWe have not had it long, but we’ve already used it plenty. We use it strictly for soy milk, and we hot froth. Great froth. Don’t fall for anyone saying soy isn’t going to give you what you want in this little gadget, it’s great! Perfect for the job, and you get plenty of froth, enough for two super generous portions, or four regular portions would be my estimate. We wash out with water and a sponge wipe, gets the milky residue easily off the coated surface, what’s that coating, who knows, but it cleans nicely.

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