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Used For The Right Application!,s1_LYWw_P_4Al

Used For The Right Application!The POLK speakers I bought in the 80s and 90s are awesome! I am a professional audiophile with KEF 104/2 and KEF 107/2 and Klipsch RF7 speakers and McIntosh tube amplifiers! I have the Yamaha DSP1 and the DSR Pro100, the DSP A1000 and tons of other stuff to the current era! I am now building a PC and wanted a speaker system for it: the POLK T15 works with a POLK Subwoofer. You will not regret it as POLK cares about their reputation!

Used For The Right Application!The T15’s are surprisingly much more easier to drive than the LX5’s, resulting in less effort from the VSX D510 to produce a warm airy sound that filled the room. The old addage of using matching speakers rings so true with this setup as the T15’s blended very well with the Polk Audio PSW 10 sub with one not dominating over the other. I thought I would miss the 360 degree tweeters of the LX5’s. but the T15’s have a very wide pattern with a detail sound. The most impressive part was the depth of the sound. It just gave a sense of more sound and less roll off (if that makes any sense). I felt the design of direct speakers gave a better center image of vocals and made me check the center channel to make sure it was not working. The LX5’s are no slouch, but just need to be placed in the right positions to excel. This room was just a bit to small for them to be able to reach their full potential, unlike the master bedroom where they sing like the birds. I also did a test in 5.1 to see how they would handle BD and DVD’s. They worked very well and even found myself hearing things from the right and left channels I had not heard before or should say not in such detail from each channel and I contribite most of that to the size of the room where there is not enough distance for the sound to blend together compared to my other HT systems. I look at this as a classic example of matching up the right speakers with the right room and getting the desired results.

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