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Tip for Preventing FailureI’m pleased with the overall performance of this product although I have had trouble though with it not working occasionally. One day I’ll think it’s broken (just doesn’t froth) and then I wait a couple of days, and then it works again. The trick I found to alleviate this problem is that I leave fluid in the frother for as short a time as possible. As soon as I’m done frothing, I pour out the milk, then I rinse it out and wipe the interior dry. Then I store it upside down. That is the key. I think fluid can leak into the electronics of the unit through the nib where you put the frothing disk. Ever since I started storing it upside down, my frother has worked perfectly.

Tip for Preventing FailureThis machine is so simple to use by just inserting either the frother attachment or just the milk heating attaching into the slot at the bottom (I’ve used both and they work great). Frothing the milk takes no more than a minute to finish and makes such great microfoam for any type of espresso drink….I was impressed. The Silk brand unsweetened soy milk makes great microfoam, but I’ve found that almond milk doesn’t do as well (I don’t usually drink regular milk, so others would have to experiment with those). This frother is so easy to clean too…I use a faucet sprayer to clean off any milk leftover on the non-stick surface and it comes off effortlessly. Wipe off the outer surface and your good to go for the next coffee drink. Only con is I wish it was stated that the non-stick coating does not contain PFAO (polytetrafluoroethylene) which is not the greatest for your health, but I’ll let that slide this time. I think this company would benefit a little more making that change.

Tip for Preventing FailureI have been manually frothing cream and milk for my coffees for @ 1 year when I saw the Epica Automatic Electric Milk Frother on Amazon. Wow. This thing really works! I use it on the hot/frothed setting and cannot believe how quickly it creates a perfect froth of the cream or milk. The Epica is also extremely easy to clean. It cannot be submerged in water or placed in the dishwasher but it cleans up easily with quick rinse under the tap with hot water and a little swish of fingers to loosen any remaining milk film. This unit is also attractive - I can leave it on my counter next to the coffee maker. I really did not expect to be so pleased - the froth is actually better than what I get at my local coffee shop - but I would never tell them that, I like the owners and baristas and do not want hurt feelings. At first my husband scoffed at the idea for an electric frother but once he had his cEpica Automatic Electric Milk Frother and Heater Carafeoffee made with the result, he shut right up. My coffee drinking family and friends will be seeing this unit under the tree next Christmas!

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