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storage products like Nespresso’s,Tb_ASZP_w_w1X

storage products like Nespresso’sI tried numerous pod storage products like Nespresso’s own pod dispensers, a big bowl, a third party pod rack, etc. None of these products saves space, since I have to find some room for the pod organizer itself. This drawer is brilliant. Just put my Nespresso machine on it. No extra desktop space occupied! The best is, the pods are just there in my sight. I will never forget where the pods are. Fifty pods at my fingertips, which makes the Nespresso system even better.

storage products like Nespresso’sThis tray works well but two features would make it even better. It would be nice if it had rollers on bottom and could slide easily from under the cabinets. With Nespresso machine and espresso pods inside it’s a little difficult to move. If yours doesn’t need moving, then this is a non-issue. I also wish it were metal or wood instead of plastic. There is a slight bowing of it from the weight of the Nespresso machine. It does not impact its function though.

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