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Polk T15 speakers,Si_ZMqj_2_eNr

Polk T15 speakersSeems to be missing midrange. Wish I would have listened to other reviews and bought a different speaker. Being Polk I just thought it would have good sound. I have a set of $10.00 speakers I bought at a yard sale that out perform these. Do not recommend these speakers.Polk Audio T15 Bookshelf Speakers, Pair, Black

Polk T15 speakersGreat speakers for the money. Nice construction with tight tolerances and they sound very good. I expect them to sound even better as they break in over the coming weeks. I’ve owned many speakers over the years, including some very expensive Vandersteens. This purchase was for my home office stereo rig and I first tried the popular Micca MB42’s because of the positive reviews. Everything about that experience was disappointing, including the actual condition the speakers arrived in. I was not impressed with the sound or build quality and I wonder about the rave reviews. Very ordinary in every respect.

Polk T15 speakersThe T15’s are much better. They obviously don’t compare with speakers that cost three times as much but what product does in its respective market? Perhaps unlike any other consumer goods market, there’s an overwhelming selection of speaker manufacturers and models and the wild diversity in price makes it hard to know what kind of value you’re getting. Are $1000 speakers really 10 times better than these $100 units? Not likely.

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