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over twice the price and decidedWe had a stick wand frother previously and wanted something a little more heavy duty to create more foam while also having the ability to heat milk. This is a quiet unit that creates nice thick froth that can either be heated or can remain cold for iced drinks. We found this works very well with 2 percent milk. I have found coconut milk from cartons do not produce froth when set on the hot function and produce a small amount set on cold. Will try out with almond and soy and update review. So far, we love it. Easy to clean (just rinse, do not submerge underwater) and makes foam in less than a minute. My parents have a more expensive Nepresso frother and this one works just as well, if not better.

over twice the price and decidedI use this thing all day every day! Love the way it froths my milk. I even put 3 scoops of sugar in with the milk to make it sweet and it works wonderfully. It is super quiet and has an internal timer so it stops itself. The milk is also warmed at the same time and you can just use the warm function by pressing the bottom button instead of the top frothing button. Super simple. Just fill up to the appropriate line and push the button. Now I will say to pay attention to the instructions. The TOP MAX line is for warming only, not frothing. It will spill over the edges if you try to froth above the max froth line (the lower set of lines in the frother). It comes with a little scrubber that I use after every use. When it froths the mild it does naturally form a film along the bottom. If you don’t get that off before the next use it will keep building and turn brown. So I clean mine after every use and it doesn’t take much. The film wipes super easy but doesn’t seem to wash off to water pressure alone. DO NOT get the outside of the mechanism wet (especially the bottom). I spray mine in the sink but ONLY on the inside and haven’t had any problems with it.

over twice the price and decidedSo here is my modification. Pop the metal ring with the spring wound around it off of the small black plastic piece. Spread apart the two ends of the spring, which are more tightly wound. One of those is smaller diameter than the other and fits into the other. The metal ring that the spring is on is a split metal ring, sort of like common key rings. Slide the spring’s bigger diameter ring around until it gets to the split in the ring, and push about an inch or so off of the split ring (see photo at left). Take some wire cutters and clip about an inch of spring off. Push the remaining spring back onto the split ring, and push the smaller tightly wound end into the end that you just cut. Now pop the ring back onto the black plastic piece. The spring now has fewer loops, so it doesn’t whip the milk as vigorously, resulting in what, for me at least, is a better final product.

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