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Not what I expected,q5_lzBh_S_wfo

Not what I expectedI will say that it pairs easily so that’s why I was able to rate at a 2… I was thinking that you couldn’t walk too far away from the phone because I got static when I was less than 5ft from my phone but you get static even if you are carrying the phone in your hand. It’s a lot of feedback you get and the people on the other end can barely understand me. They can hear me but they cannot understand me which leads me to turning it off. It’s hard to turn on for some reason when you press the power button. I try holding it down for awhile before you see flashing lights. The u-shaped hook makes my ear ache so I swapped to the other square shaped and that felt a little better.

Not what I expectedHorrible! Stated it will connect to two devices. I paired my phone and worked fine for three days. On the fourth day I turn it on and will not connect to my phone. (My phone only has just the TOORUN as paired). Restarted the device. Turned off and on my bluetooth. I even removed the pair on my phone and reset the device. My phone can see the M26 but will not pair, it just times out. I’ve tried for now the past two days with no results. I need a bluetooth that will work reliably while at work.

Not what I expectedI purchased a unit and it would sometimes “crackle” over the sound i was receiving. I let the manufacturer know and they sent me a replacement unit within days. The replacement unit works great. I cannot believe the price and quality of this unit. To have customer support like this is also amazing given the units price. I highly recommend this earpiece. You cannot go wrong given the low price and a manufacturer who actually stands behind the quality.

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