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Nice speakers depending on the price,Qh_WrU7_7_CBl

Nice speakers depending on the priceAll that being said, I should tell you how I am using them. I am playing them with a Pioneer SX-450 receiver, which is rated at 15 watts a side (but this receiver is somehow louder than modern receivers rated at two or three times the watts). I am also using and old BSR 15″ subwoofer for this setup. This setup sounds GREAT for low to mid volume level classical music, jazz, and rock. At higher volumes (when the volume knob on the SX-450 goes past 1/3) these speakers can clearly handle it, but they start losing their nice tight mid range definition, that they had at lower volume levels. For people that just like sheer volume and do not particularly care about hi-fi, these speakers can get VERY loud, you could probably give yourself ear damage before you blew them up.

Nice speakers depending on the priceMy wife hates speakers you can see so my large speakers are relegated to the basement family room. I wanted a set of speakers that I could connect to my Yamaha amp in the first floor family room that would be wife acceptable. These seemed to have good reviews by others and at $75 for the pair, looked like a really good deal. When they arrived, I quickly connected them and placed them on the floor kind of hidden on each side of the couch. Turned on the Yamaha, connected my iPod and selected a station on Slacker radio. Wow, I was surprised at how well these Polks sounded.

Nice speakers depending on the priceI had some Paradigm Atom speakers used for my TV surround sound that were about 16 years old. I liked the sound but amazingly the woofers had foam surrounds rather than rubber. The foam deteriorates over time and the woofer starts making a horrible sound. I guess you can have them repaired or even buy the re-foam kit and do it yourself if you feel confident. I bought these because they seemed like good sounding and well built speakers, and at only twice the price as the rebuild kit are an excellent deal. Sound just as good as the Paradigm speakers for this application. I’m very happy with them, and for the price you can’t really go wrong.

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