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Makes my coffee even,EX_P5QG_a_v4V

Makes my coffee evenWorks like a charm! Word of advice- I use only dairy free milks -usually soy. All the milks I’ve tried: Soy, Almond, Hemp -all froth very well. However, if I try to froth the stuff that comes in the small pint size box that’s labelled soy creamer -it won’t froth. I thought my Epica was broken for a few days- it was not! I love this frother - it adds a little extra joy to my morning :~) The price was great too! Works just as good as the Necafe for half the price.

Makes my coffee evenWe first “met” and really liked this milk heater/frother at an apartment we rented in Sydney, Australia. Upon returning home to the U.S. we found this very similar item on Amazon and felt it was worth it to us for heating milk for our regular drip coffee and also frothing milk for espresso drinks. The way it works and cleans up is simple, and it is fast. A nonstick surface inside the container makes cleanup really easy. This one has more options than the Australian one: heated milk, hot frothed milk, and cold frothed milk. One thing is different and you need to pay attention to the directions when you begin. At the very bottom of the milk container there is a place to plug in a small attachment: one type is for simply heating milk and the other type, which is a small round whisk, is for frothing it. After you have done this once it is simple. The unused attachment fits into a little plug inside the clear plastic cover and it is important to store it there as the heating plug is very small and could be easily lost. Both attachments have little loop handles that make them easy to grab onto. We received this about two weeks ago and have been using it daily, with no problems. We are enjoying having it.

Makes my coffee evenI bought this less expensive model because of the good reviews and sales that it had. I was going to buy the Nespresso because that is what my friends had but it is twice as much. It’s easy to use and easy to clean if I clean it quickly after pouring the foam out. I have learned some things from other reviews that are helpful to me. One is that I make cappuccino with foam not latte. I already knew to heat my pressed coffee slightly and not too hot or the foam disappears and also that swirling the milk helps get it out of the container. Leaving the foam in the warm pot makes it stick to the teflon and it is harder to clean so I rinse it quickly. I did not know what the two attachments were for so I suggest that you read the reviews like I have done tonight. One is for latte and the other cappuccino. I also learned that the heat setting is different in each machine and mine does not heat quite as warm as I would like. This machine does more than I thought it did. Finally, one review asked about getting the frother replacement parts since hers went down the sink. You can order them by phone as reviews stated but they are also listed with their products if you search for Epica in kitchen or appliances. I think you get six sets for ten bucks and it’s Prime. If the Epica Frother does not have a descent life span I will order the Nespresso next time and pay twice as much.

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