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Great sound for the price,us_JC1k_e_8TR

Great sound for the priceThe sound quality out of this pair of speakers for the $50 paid is great. I was not looking to create an incredible home theater or concert hall experience. I just wanted to marginally improve on the sound provided by my TV, and listen to records. I am using these as front speakers (no surround) and love the sound quality for the price. I can only imagine they would be great surround speakers in a home theater set up.

Great sound for the priceGot these on sale for $49.95. They are replacing my 20 year old JBL M5s, which I dearly love, but had a mid-woofer rattling on one. These Polk T15s are great. I never really expected much in base from them when I purchased them as I have an 8 and 10 inch powered subs on my system. However, its now clear that my subs will be picking up a lot more of the bass load as the T15s have next to none. I laughed at some reviews while researching of people saying they would use these as surrounds. I feel pretty silly now, as I can easily see how these would be great rear/surround speakers. They give me a sound impression like I am in a hallway, but not too bad. They are much crisper than my JBLs, so thats a big plus.

Great sound for the priceSo first, before I write my review, I should say that I returned these. One of them was damaged on the exterior when it arrived. The damage didn’t effect the sound of the speaker at all, but if I’m going to pay for new speakers, I should get new ones that aren’t damaged. I won’t get another pair of these because I was neutral about the speakers. My three star rating is not because my specific pair were damaged, I feel that these speakers are a three star product.

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