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Great small theater speakers,bV_m02L_C_XgX

Great small theater speakersI needed to downsize my home theater system for a room move. I went from big classic three way towers to these. I am by no means qualified to tell you these are amazing speakers, but I will say the sound from them out of a basic receiver is crisp, without a ton of meaningful bass. In my 2.1 setup the sub takes over at the perfect time and movies sound big, music sounds warm and my room isn’t cluttered. Worth it.

Great small theater speakersUsed as rear speakers in my surround system. The sound is great for that application BUT, they mount using a keyhole; NOT a good way to mount to a wall or ceiling. There are numerous brackets you can buy but, none seem to be adequate to keep these speakers in position. I am also concerned that the cabinet material and the small keyhole are adequate to support the weight of the speakers. I wish these speakers used a different mounting application.

Great small theater speakersWow. I am shocked at how good these speakers are for the price. I bought them to go with a Yamaha RX-A3040 receiver I was gifted. I will be getting some nice Polk towers as a present soon, but wanted to go ahead and start a 2.1 system while I wait on the towers (I will be definitely be buying a Polk center once the towers come in). I thought these would just be serviceable as fronts until I turn them into surrounds for a 5.1 system later, but I was really pleasantly surprised at their quality. Am I saying that they are so good I no longer want the towers? Absolutely not. But I put these T15s through their paces, and they performed way past my expectations. Even before I attached my sub, I was able to pull some surprisingly good bass out of this pair. If you are looking for speakers on a budget, that look nice and fit practically anywhere, you really can’t do better than the Polk T15s.

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