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Great Frother!!!MilkVery Impressed!!! Great gift!!! I had been searching for an affordable milk frother that promise to do the job. I found through researching other milk frothers’ that they were very expensive and had poor performance. Epica is very affordable and I am very impressed by the frothing. The milk is hot and the appliance is user friendly. This was a Christmas gift for my husband and he loved it!!! My husband took it to work and his coworkers enjoyed it so much that they ordered Epica for the office. My husband served his sister coffee with frothed milk and she loved the frothiness. Now his sister is ordering an Epica.

Great Frother!!!MilkI only have two “complaints” (if you can call them that). One is that the max volume of milk you can froth is not very much. It’s enough for a small cappuccino, but if you want a larger drink, or drinks for two people, you have to make two separate batches. Secondly, I bought this brand over another similar one on Amazon because one reviewer posted that they loved the cleaning brush this one comes with, which wasn’t included in the other brand. However, the cleaning brush is a joke. It is a tiny, smaller-than-toothbrush-sized brush, and the angle of it is all wrong to do any actual cleaning in the unit. I threw it away. What I do is unclip the little frothing attachment and just wipe out the inside - easy! Then you can rinse the attachment and clip it back in.

Great Frother!!!MilkThe Epica milk frother has exceeded my expectations. I purchased this frother because it was less expensive than many others, yet had great reviews. It also looks fanstastic with its clean, simple lines. I’ve had it for several weeks - so far I have only used the setting that both heats and froths milk. It heats the milk to a nice warm temperature without scalding. It produces a great foam using skim milk, 2% milk, and almond milk. It also produced a thin foam using coconut milk, but it did not hold up when added to coffee. I found that I could use about 3/4 coconut milk and simply add 1/4 almond or regular milk to it to produce a nice froth that does hold up in coffee. Don’t fill above the max fill line when frothing, or you will end up with a mess. A skin will form along the bottom if you heat several cycles of milk, but I found this can be prevented simply by rinsing it between cycles. The frothing attachment pulls out for easy cleaning between uses, and the carafe detaches from the base as well. Very satisfied with this product - along with my Bialetti Moka pot, I’m now enjoying daily cappuccinos at home instead of the coffee shop. The Epica frother will pay for itself in no time.

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