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Good Speakers at a Good Price,hn_GnNP_7_lOa

Good Speakers at a Good PriceFor the price I paid ($49.99) I couldn’t be happier. They sound great and perform as I hoped they would. In all fairness, I upgraded from a small set of Yamahas with 2.5″ woofer, 1/2in tweeter in a 2.1 set up. So the sound quality upgrade was quite huge for me. Kept the Yamaha 8″ sub with these Polks and its all I need. Very happy here. Though there may be better out there, in the $50 price range…. these will be hard to beat.

Good Speakers at a Good PriceThe tweeters on these blew within 6 months. They had never, every been turned up past 40% until my son turned the volume to 100 with out me knowing it. I switched input to phono and the feedback from the records player blew the tweeters. It wasn’t even loud, just an intense hum. I can’t return them to amazon and Polk won’t warranty “accidental” damage. From what I read online, Polk speakers have a tendency to blow tweeters. The Polk replacements are like 30-40 dollars each. 60-80 dollars to fix 100 dollar speakers. Hell no.

Good Speakers at a Good PriceSound great! Best bang for your buck for sure….has crisp highs and very clear mids. Not so much on the low end though, so if you are looking for boomy bass from a bookshelf speaker don’t get these. You can catch these on sale sometimes down from $99.00 to around $70.00! I got them on sale and I LOVE them…..they really output some amazing mids along with super sharp highs. These are a must have for any A/V receiver.

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