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GOOD PRICE BUT SOUND QUALITYI bought these for my shop and paired them with a decent subwoofer and receiver with a good amount of power. Problem is that straight up these sound terrible. I knew that I would get what I paid for but was hoping that maybe these were an undiscovered gem. No gem here. With proper EQ in your system you can tweak much more sound out of them but they are weak in the mids and high end which is what I bought them for. Not crisp at all and no real punch. But in the shop where there is usually some competing noise they work OK and the price is super low.

GOOD PRICE BUT SOUND QUALITYHad these about a month now and I am satisfied with them, they do fine as fronts for my home theater and do better than expected when listening to music.These are not high end speakers, so I didn’t expect a lot from them. One thing I noticed was that when listening to music after about 15 minutes the speakers sound better and I can hear more music, not sure if that’s me getting used to listening or it really is the speakers. I would recommend these as more suited to surrounds/rears rather than as main speakers.

GOOD PRICE BUT SOUND QUALITYThese speakers are hefty. So once they are up they ’sag’ a bit because of the weight placed on the keyhole. Recently one of my speakers finally fell off as the mounting bolt tore through the keyhole. I have remedied this issue with some extra screws and steel straps so now they are all upright and in no danger of falling off. To be fair, having them mounted right up against the wall may have prevented this but my mounts (monoprice speaker mounts) are offset from the wall and so this was an issue for me but never-the-less these are heavy speakers and need a good mount or shelf to be safe.

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