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fun game for 5+ playersIf you like playing games with five to 20 people this game is for you. You can even play as couples. The rules are simple and you can literally play for hours. If you are drinking the party will really take off with a lot of laughter, Its fun with old and young - just watch the time because it will pass fast while playing. I am definitely getting some of the specialty decks and red, green and blue boxes as soon as I can. This will really mix it all up enough to not see repeats. I also added Crabs Against Humidity and it plays perfectly with this card game.

fun game for 5+ playersBest adult game I have ever played. Got to be careful who you play this game with as some of the answers can be offensive. Examples: (dead fetus, Jesus Christ) go through all the answer cards that you find offensive and either throw them out or don’t use them. Good adult family game. You must use your mind and play answers that the person you are playing with would choose, not what you would choose.

fun game for 5+ playersWarning. You must have a general knowledge of history and middle school vocabulary to play. When gathering friends ask them if they know who Stalin was, what was the underground railroad, what civilian casualties means, or what is the Oedipus complex? If your players can not answer you might want to stick with 3rd grade level fart jokes for game night as they will not understand this game.

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