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First real bluetooth headset,de_4ZOY_C_Mq4

First real bluetooth headsetI had a smaller bluetooth device before this one that worked well but unfortunately it was too small and I ended up putting it through the washer and damaging it. This one however is actually much less intrusive than I thought it would be when I bought it and it works great especially helps that it tell me when my power is at high, medium, and low. I’m in my twenties and have never really been much of a bluetooth headset person but I would definitely recommend this for anyone that needs a hands free headset.

First real bluetooth headsetThis is a great the bluetooth I have had other Bluetooths before that were junk the price is perfect it fits perfectly in my ear has a great reception does not break up that doesn’t have any hissing sounds and it paired with my smartphone in two seconds I can use it to listen to music and I can talk and the battery life is really long so I’m very happy this is the reason I’m giving an honest 5-star review

First real bluetooth headsetI have ordered two headsets (one for a friend), so I like it :). However the 2nd order (for friend) came with a 2nd earpiece that seems to fit my ear better. I would like the 2nd wider earpiece also. I also noticed that the it’s always ” battery high” and then it will die. Thanks for the great product though at a good price.

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