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Excellent frontline set for a compact area,yM_6F7K_d_PW4

Excellent frontline set for a compact areaGood sized speakers with a nice black woodgrain. Wire feeds on the back are clamped so twisting the wire into the ports is a snap. The speakers put volume out at a good level and aren’t to heavy so are a cinch to set up on a shelf. I’m using mine as a pair of PC speakers after routing the PC audio through an AVR and the performance is outstanding compared to just about any PC speaker on the market. The speakers still put a fairly loud and clear sound even if you aren’t particularly close. I can hear everything in the next room just fine if I have to get up. That said, they are bookshelf speakers so not necessarily appropriate as the main front speakers for a large home theater setup, especially if you’re trying to get sound throughout a large room.

Excellent frontline set for a compact areaBy the way, these do come two to a box, so the price is for the pair. I actually went to a brick and mortar store to buy these, wanting to hear the sound. The salesperson tried to sell me two boxes of speakers, insisting the price was for a single speaker and that only one was in each box. I decided to leave and check online, as that did not sound right. Sure enough, two to a box, one price, and if I had listened to the sales guy, I would have gotten home and found I had four speakers. So, of course, I bought them on Amazon.

Excellent frontline set for a compact areaGreat speakers, a huge improvement to my 5.1 surround system! I have a pair of these for the front R & L and a pair for the rear R & L paired with a Polk CS10 center channel speaker. These speakers have great range and put out crisp, clear, full sound. I find setting the volume on my A/V receiver about 25% lower with these speaker than I did when I was using a set of JBL SAT-20 speakers at my front and rear R & L locations.

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