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Definitely sounds better than stock speakers,nn_7Ov9_J_Fza

Definitely sounds better than stock speakersWanted a step up from the TV speakers and it appears they have done the trick. Definitely sounds better than stock speakers in my 2006 model Samsung 52″ plasma TV. I have them hooked up to a Regent HT391 (2003 year model) that I got for free for helping a friend move and am satisfied with the better sound. Are there better? Sure, for more money, but I feel at their price it was a good purchase.

Definitely sounds better than stock speakersI liked these enough to buy my second pair. I used the first for a low watt, 2 channel vintage amp and they sound awesome. Again, pairing the new set with a vintage 2 channel amp from the ’80’s. A true 35wpc amp makes these speakers sing! Great depth, right out of the box. Once broken in they produce even greater bass. As for the cabinets, I think they are very nice faux black wood grain. As nice as higher priced brands. I have a set of Bose 301’s, and these produce a better sound, and have a much nicer cabinet. Would buy again.

Definitely sounds better than stock speakersI purchased these to round out a surround sound system. I “borrowed” the old surround sound system- from my parents house and have it set up in my basement now, the only issue the rears from their 5.1 setup were mounted in the ceiling and turned out to be a huge hassle to try and get down. So… This seemed like a much easier approach. I mounted these speakers as rears in my setup using these stands (Atlantic Satellite 77305018 2 Speaker Stands (Black)) and wired it all up with (AmazonBasics 16-Gauge Speaker Wire - 100 Feet) and used (Capri Tools 20013 Professional Wire Stripper and Cutter) to strip the cables and get it all setup/installed.

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