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Decent for price with some annoyances,lv_EWaZ_Z_xVi

Decent for price with some annoyancesI’ve had this headset for over a month and I still can’t quite get the hang of it. You hold down the button to turn it on and just as you are about to give up (8 seconds) it finally comes on. Same with turning it off. On my iphone, if you double-click the button, it redials your last call AND turns on itunes. What?? Finally, I have look all over the web for some sort of instructions to no avail. Sometimes we need to know more than just how to pair a headset. Overall, the price is right, the battery life is good and the sound quality is acceptable. However, why does cheap have to be so complicated?

Decent for price with some annoyancesI love that this headset is stylish. It is easy to hear the caller. I have even used it for Netflix and could hear great. I recommend it for anyone that wants to answer calls while driving. This is not one that you can talk to your phone but it works very well and is priced very great. I bought it over a month ago and I have not had any issues. Also the battery last a long time.

Decent for price with some annoyancesBasic Bluetooth model, including basic voice notifications for battery and connection. After several test runs calling my mom, she says the clarity and quality are much better than my old Motorola model, and the noise canceling works great. This headset is easy to connect to my phone, simple to use, and has good call clarity. The ear piece fits well and is comfortable. I like having a second in ear piece, as well as an optional over the ear hook included in the package. A short charging cord is provided. Glad to find a sleek looking, high quality Bluetooth headset for such a great price.

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