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Cappuccinos and Lattes,PS_9XGR_P_XN1

Cappuccinos and LattesSo it has 2 major problems right off the bat: 1, it scorches the milk on the bottom so I have to scrub it every time. 2, the design of the “spout” is so poor that I have to pour the milk out over the sink because it spills everywhere, it just dribbles down the front of the carafe. UGH. Otherwise, it’s super quick to heat milk and the foam is super stiff. The amount of milk it will froth is pretty small, it will only make two small lattes. I just run it twice so we can both have coffee, but then the scorched milk is pretty built-up in the bottom. I mean, for $40 I was expecting this to be cooler I guess.

Cappuccinos and LattesI would give this more stars if I could. This is a classy-looking item which sits on a heater. When done, you lift if off the heater base which makes using this simple. (My water heater works the same way so I know how convenient this is.) The milk froths quickly and very quietly. Shuts down when done. Has marks on the inside to show maximum levels of milk to use for frothing or just heating. This is important because if you put in too much milk and start frothing, the froth will flow over the top and (I assume) make a mess. The lid has a handy slot for the two tools — one tool for frothing and another tool for heating only. These “tools” are small and fit into the inside of the lid. This is a well-thoughout product. Nothing goes into the dishwasher which makes sense but cleaning appears to be easy. I would definitely recommend this item. I would also like to mention that the little cleaning brush tool works very very well. Getting out the milk skin can be messy but this little tool is well designed and works great. I just bought a second home and will probably buy another one of these for the other place.

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