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approximately price rangeWell built, made of real wood, fit and finish is excellent, small but powerful. I like the rubber surround on the mid-bass driver because it will last longer. My older speaker foam surround deteriorated and that’s the reason for buying these new speakers. Inside the speaker cabinet, it has white polyester fill material which fools the mid-bass driver to think that it’s in a bigger cabinet with more air space, thus producing more bass sound. It has a tuned air port in the front which also helps with bass. The tweeter is a soft dome type tweeter which provides brighten highs but doesn’t scream in your ears and leave a ringing sound.

approximately price rangeAdditional information: the grill guard are well design, tight, and doesn’t make contact with the mid-bass driver at full excursion. It has a pre-position hole in the back for easy installation with a screw which slides into place. It has banana terminal connectors but I just strip the wires and slide them through then tighten it by hand. The black wooden grain color looks great and appears more expensive then what it is. It came properly packaged and arrived without any damage.

approximately price rangeI’m using these in a 5.1 system for the back surround speakers. In the front I have a pair of KEF C7’s and a KEF center speaker and a Velodyne sub. These are working out very well since they are basically just reproducing ambience sound. Also, because the vent hole is in the front it allows me to hang them right against the wall. I think they could also work well for some one using them as the main speakers in a small room although the sound would be much better with a more expensive quality speaker.

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