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A nice feature is the audible battery,Ug_uzw0_H_2KN

A nice feature is the audible batteryIt fits well and does not move around when you move your head thanks to the rubber loop on the ear piece. A nice feature is the audible battery status when you turn it on. Volume is too low and at times it can be difficult to hear the other side of the conversation. This is in part due to the rubber tip covers approx 75% of the speaker and muffles the sound too much. I used a sharp exact-o knife to increase the size of the hole so it only covers a small portion of the speaker.

A nice feature is the audible batteryI ordered one so I could be hands free to call family and be hands free. I ended up giving it to my mother who now had 2 broken arms and needed to be able to use her phone, hands free. It worked for her so I ordered a new one for myself. Im very pleased it works. Zero complaints and easy to use for a compromised Senior. I’d order a 3rd if needed!!

A nice feature is the audible batteryEvery bluetooth I’ve owned, over the years, would make my ear sore after a few hours of usage. The TOORUN M26 does not hurt my ear at all! I literally forget I’m even wearing it. People don’t believe I’m using a bluetooth because it’s so quiet and clear. Pairing with my Galaxy S7 only took seconds. Great product; love the color!I like this bluetooth headset very much. I’ve bought several other brands, and while I’ve had generally good luck with the Plantronics Explorer 50 Bluetooth Headset - Retail Packaging - Black, the max volume on those sets has tended to be low. It’s higher on this one, and the connection has been pretty good as well. I use these not only for phone calls but to listen to audiobooks while I’m walking the dog or on the elliptical machine, and the TOORUN has been a solid performer at a good price. One has to hold down the “on” button for quite a while before it turns on, but that’s not a big deal. When it’s priced lower than the Plantronics, it’s an easy decision. TOORUN holds its own and then some.

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